SkyWay - heavenly road.

Progress does not stand still, and now we are on the threshold of a new evolution of the world. Do you have a unique chance to become a partner and co-owner of the largest and most global project of XXI century, by which you might have 3-5 years receive lifelong dividends from your shares in the project.

String transport Unitsky. Belarus.

You can join the tens of thousands of investors and SkyWay ensure not only your future but also the future of their descendants!

SkyWay transport technology - Reliable investment!

SkyWay project is being implemented into life with the help of equity crowdfunding (crowdinvesting) - an alternative financial tool to raise capital in start-ups and small businesses from a wide range mikroinvestorov (national funding), ie ordinary people.

You can also participate in the development EkoTehnoParka. With your financial support will be presented and certified sections of the road and high-speed rolling stock, urban passenger and freight transport.

Conclusion disruptive technology to the world market prices affect the growth and profitability of the company's investments.

You can buy shares of the companies to an IPO at a discount from their face value, and when leaving the company to the world market to get multiple profits ...

Lifelong dividends - with each project implemented by the address you profit corresponding to the amount of your share.

SkyWay - Investments in innovative technology worth 400 billion dollars!

After the release of SkyWay on IPO (initial public offering on the stock market), the initial value of one share is 1 (one) US dollar (officially declared nominal value) and, of course, will increase in price ...

For example, after Apple's IPO of about 300 people (managers, employees who have shares) in one day become dollar millionaires, and the IPO of Google has made their founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page dollar multimillionaires.

Today, on the 13th stage of the SkyWay stakes can be purchased in whole or in installments with a discount from 20 to 75. With each step in the discount decreases as both the risks are reduced, too.

Let's say if you invest today, your investment will increase from 20 to 75 times depending on the amount and timing of investments. More details can be found in your personal account on the site SkyWay Capital


"To be successful, it is not necessary to be a lot smarter than everybody else, you just have to be faster than most on the day"

"The right decision - is something that is accepted in time"

"While Meryl seven times, all that could have already cut"